Impact Economics is an economic research firm owned and operated by Mr. Graeme Clinton since January 2004. Mr. Clinton is a professional economist with more than 20 years of experience in the field. The company is based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, providing services to clients throughout Canada, with the focus on economic development in the NWT and Nunavut.

Impact Economics offers economic research, advice, advocacy and consulting services in a range of Northern, Aboriginal, and development areas, including socioeconomic impact assessments, macroeconomic and baseline research, and custom research in such areas as development economics, poverty, housing, tourism, demographics, and labour.

Impact Economics has built and maintains economic models for the NWT and Nunavut. This includes economic impact models for major projects including oil and gas exploration, and models for demographics, labour markets, and government revenues. These models are available to all clients and there are no special or additional fees associated with their use.

Impact Economics offers its services to a diverse group of clients including industry, government, Aboriginal groups, non-government and non-profit organizations.

Impact Economics’ mission is to provide economic services that are based on thorough and dedicated research and sound economic principles, the results of which are provided to clients through thoughtful verbal and written presentation.

A guiding principle for Impact Economics is the belief that economic growth, positive social change, and sustainability are made possible when leaders base their decisions on an accurate understanding of the economy. To that end, Impact Economics is dedicated to helping clients improve their understanding of the economy around them. In addition to delivering quality work, this is accomplished by supporting clients with their economic questions before, during, and long-after a contract has expired.